Monday, April 21, 2008

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Where Would YOU Go?

Every spring I have severe cabin fever. But the wanderlust is completely natural and, I think, a healthy expression of being happy for the change in seasons. I'm already looking forward to a travel opportunity to Seattle in June, to see my dear friend Heather get married.

So my husband indulged me in a little fantasy, and we wrote out 5 places we'd love to visit if money were no option. (Money, unfortunately, is a very big option.) I was surprised to find out there was no overlap. These were our choices, but they're not ranked:

  1. Alaska
  2. Russia
  3. Argentina
  4. New Zealand
  5. Australia


  1. Ireland
  2. Greece
  3. Peru
  4. South Korea
  5. Istanbul

It was interesting to find this out about my spouse, who I know pretty well after 22 years of companionship--11 of those in marriage. But here's the predictable part: most of his choices were based on hunting and fishing possibilities, and most of mine were based on sacred sites and history.

Where would YOU go if money were no object?


mary bilodeau said...

Hi Melanie! Off hand the 5 top places I'd like to go if money were not a hindrance are: Alaska, Iceland, Cross Canada on train, Paris, Scandinavia.
I just noticed that 4 of these are in the far north! Mary Bilodeau

Melanie Gold said...

Mary, that's quite adventurous of you, when so many of your peers are flying south! Iceland was in my top 10, because once I started thinking of all the places I hadn't visited, I just kept going!

Kathryn Craft said...

My top five would be Scotland (I'm a Graham), New Zealand, Greece, Russia, and Germany. I'll meet you at the Acropolis (and I'll duck if I see Sherman armed for the hunt in Russia or New Zealand)...

Joe Gold said...

Hey Mel! If money (and my health)were no object, my top 5 places to visit would be the following:
1. Patagonia
2. The Himalayas
3. Antarctica
4. Virunga's montane forests
5. The Kamchatka Peninsula
I feel compelled to share my top five places to revisit:
1. Scotland
2. Iceland
3. Paris
4. The Yucatan
5. Down East Maine
Hurry up and make that first million Mel and take me somewhere!
Love you cousin. ~ Joe Gold