Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lucky or Smart?

Last week I took my son to the dentist for a routine cleaning. On our way out, I saw a handsome man in the waiting room whom I immediately recognized as one of my husband's longtime friends. (My husband was born in South Korea, which is why the flag is used here as an image.)

After making sure the man was who I thought he was, I told him who I'm married to and pointed to my son and said, stupidly, "That's his son." The man--we'll call him "RodMoChop"--jumped up and energetically shook my son's hand, saying, "How're ya doing, buddy?! I'm very fond of your dad. You tell him you saw RodMoChop."

For a minute I thought I was involved in one of those movies about the Bible, because the sky practically opened up, with a heavenly beam shining down on his smiling face, when RodMoChop heard my husband's name.

When I called my husband--we celebrated our 10th anniversary this year but have been a couple for 21 years--and told him what had happened, I finished with the hope that the news put a pep in his step. Because THAT--skies opening, heavenly beams and all--is the kind of effect he has on people.

He humbles me and makes me so proud. The experience at the dentist's office made me wonder whether I was smart or just lucky. I am smart . . . for picking him as my partner. But I'm also lucky . . . because he chose me as his.

I hope you feel that way about your spouse or significant other, too.

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