Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Being a "People Person"--or Not

I typically don't think of myself as a people person, considering I usually need at least one mixed drink before I go to a party solo. I'm just not that good at--and dislike having to work at--the "how 'bout dem Phillies" type chit-chat that you usually get at business parties and the like. (That is, until the White Russians do their stuff.)

Today as I was working on a real estate article, I learned something new about myself. I learned that I'm far more interested in the people behind a successful business rather than the ramifications of running that business, or what their success means to other people.

Or maybe it just means that I turn to mush in the hands of a good salesperson? In interviewing for this article, I certainly felt more of a connection with the real estate agent who, when I called to follow up, remembered "well" our previous conversation. By the same token, I felt a decided disconnect with the person who wasn't trying to sell anything and told me that my article topic was a non-issue.

Regardless, it was interesting to realize something about myself that seemed contrary to what I've always believed.

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