Saturday, September 29, 2007


For parents of school-age children, September is a good time to evaluate routines, to ditch old ones and introduce new ones. This year I started a walking routine with a neighbor, and before we meet up, I have just enough time to start another new domestic clean-up routine. My workday is pushed back to about 10 a.m., but since I tend to work all hours of the day and night anyway, this works well. The alternative is getting no exercise and letting those pesky domestic chores go until the house is cluttered beyond tolerance (and I shamefully have a pretty high tolerance, because there's always something I'd rather be doing than housework).

But it's also a good time to add spontaneity. My life is fairly scheduled, as evidenced by the fact that I must have a planner to keep myself organized. But scheduling to the hilt leads to inefficiency, delays, and sometimes the need for damage control.

I like leaving room for:
  • weekend drives in the fall (when I like to listen to classical music WWFM)
  • feeding ducks with my son
  • nature-trail walks with my husband
  • a special trip to the gelato stand

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