Monday, July 23, 2007

Marketing for Book Writers

Although it's been a while since I was in college, a new project I'm working on reminded me of those good ole' days. There was a PR division in my journalism school, and the students had a weekly 3-hour PR class that matched their skills and learning with organizations that needed PR--and needed it on a shoestring. I remembered referring the group to a friend of mine--the manager of an up-and-coming rap duo that had just scored a contract with Atlantic Records. The group helped my friend get the word out in New York about the rappers.

But student PR doesn't just work for the music business. At the beginning of A Rose for the Dead by Kate Collins, for instance, the author acknowledges just such a group in her state of Indiana, for helping her. That's cool.

If you or a writer you know is looking for PR help and is willing to get it by working with student-run groups, you might contact your local university, or maybe check out the Web site for the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). At the site you can download a PDF file of PRSSA chapters, read their newsletters, get links for other online resources, and more.


Lucas said...

hi melanie,

thanks for the information - we are in the process of setting up some PR plans and will look into the PRSSA
by we I mean my wife and I at - a company started by shira and her mother, melanie gold, who passed away a few years ago (she was the one who wrote 'great work' about bc artists...)
anyway, it was great to see your name and even better to find some useful and timely information - thank you

Lucas van den Berg

Melanie Gold said...

Lucas, good luck to you and your wife in your endeavors! How neat to learn about another Melanie Gold.