Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bad Traffic Mojo

I wouldn't call myself a person who "toes the line" in all things--Lord knows I go renegade often enough and suffer the consequences. But for the most part I'm a by-the-book driver. I might push the speed limit occasionally, but as a person who doesn't commute to a job, I try to be safe and respectful.

I must be doing it all wrong.

In the past couple of weeks I've suffered a spate of hate on the road. I've had teenage boys purposely ride their bikes across the street in front of me, SUVs riding my bumper (what happened to at least 3 car lengths?), and oblivious seniors acting as traffic hazards.

These are the Ruiners, yet they're yelling insults at me for following the rules. One of the teenagers shouted obsenities at me. An old-timer yelled "f*ck you!" because I tapped the horn to get him moving through an intersection 10 seconds after the light had turned green. And today, a woman shouted "jerk!" because I went first, since I was going straight while she was making a left.
Have the traffic rules changed, and I didn't get the memo?

It gives me new appreciation for my brother-in-law Scott, who commutes about 75 miles each way everyday and has a serious case of road rage. He and his colleagues curse at other drivers, use hand gestures, and threaten to break other people's necks. He probably has good reason.

But I'm content to work from home, thank you.

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