Monday, April 23, 2007

TV Turnoff Week

My family spent the past weekend doing Earth Day activities, from helping to clean up a local state park--which, I'm happy to know, really wasn't that dirty!--to disseminating information about local flora and fauna, and cleaning up our own yard and wetlands.

On the heels of this feel-good stuff is TV Turnoff Week, which starts today. If you check out the Web site, it gives a state-by-state listing of organizations (museums and such) that are working in conjunction with the Center for Screen-Time Awareness.

But if you're wondering what on earth you'll do for a whole week, considering kids watch an average of 4 hours of TV per day, there are also some other Web sites, like Toobeez Project Connect, where you can get some great ideas for teambuilding. (Note that you have to sign in at this site, and Toobeez sells activity kits.) Or you could check out the Family Education site, there are free activities, and you don't have to provide any information about yourself. There's also the Family Fun companion site to the magazine with the same name.

Enjoy the week!

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