Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm a foodie, you're a foodie, wouldn't you like to be a foodie too...

I discovered a great little place that makes takeaway sandwiches, soups, and thick-cut French fries. Turns out, it's run by a man I barely knew in high school, and his wife. My husband was home from work, sick with a head cold, so I bought us both a Tijuana Turkey sandwich with pepper jack cheese on sourdough bread and grilled to a golden brown between the griddles of a panini press. We tried the ranch and BBQ dipping sauces for our fries and saved the potato chips for later. So, for anyone local, try JAK-E's (pronounced "Jaykee's") Potatoe Co. and support locally owned businesses!

The sandwich business made me think of some food-related articles I'd like to write. We'll see if I can get any "bites" on them. Ar ar. I also discovered a local chef duo who run a cooking school called Sagra. They teach some nifty classes like Knife Basics (see the pictures at the Web site and you'll see that both chef's have an...er...affinity for knives) and they also offer some local culinary adventures such as wine tours. They also provide personal chef services and cater private parties.

It also made me think of my own foodie endeavors and how, when I get busy with editing and writing projects (like I am now, but here I sit), I don't have as much time for watching the Food Network. But I committed to taking some cake decorating classes, which are great fun and make me realize that with a little hands-on, most things aren't as intimidating as they look.

What I'm working on today: I See You by Holly Lisle. This is a contemporary romance that features a heroine who's a paramedic.

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