Friday, July 11, 2008

Great Day in the City

Every year I take my son to New York City for a day of fun. He's seen or been in all the major sights, so this year we took a 3-hour Circle Line cruise around all of Manhattan, allowing me to see some new sights of my own. I also had two books to deliver that day and a book signing to attend, so it was a busy day. Maybe too busy.

(The Freedom Tower is being built just behind the building with the triangular-shaped roof, to the left.)

(I'd never seen the Brooklyn Bridge from this vantage point before.)

(The South Street Seaport is a must-see if you like big ships. There's a comedy club nearby called Caroline's at the Seaport. Caroline Hirsch, the owner, was one of the people featured in a coffee-table book I was returning to the publisher, but that stop was still to come.)

(A view of the East River, and the sea beyond.)

(Here's a view of what's called "the projects" in Harlem. If you look closely, you might be able to see the traffic on FDR Drive.)

(Ever wonder what happens to retired subway cars? These guys are awaiting their final resting places on a barge at the northern tip of Manhattan. One of our fellow passengers said these cars would be "taken out to sea," but I decided not to think about the junk yard we may have created in the ocean.)

(A view from way uptown, looking down the Hudson River skyline. One of these new buildings is Trump Place. I believe it was partially overseen by Randall Pinkett, one of Trump's apprentices.)

After all our stops, dinner, and a brief visit at the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble store, we were totally spent. I picked up the car in Hoboken, NJ, and we talked about boats the entire ride home.

My son has decided. He wants to own the Circle Line.

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