Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hip Hip Hoo-rah for JoAnn Ross

Or is it hoo-ah? I forget, but what isn't forgettable is Crossfire, JoAnn Ross's new romantic suspense novel (a Signet release to come in September 2008). It's more a military thriller than romance, but I don't think romance readers would be disappointed. The scenes that are there are pret-ty steamy, and I'm not talking about the South Carolina setting.

Crossfire is the third (I believe) title in the High Risk series and it follows FBI special agent Caitlyn Cavanaugh as she tracks down a serial killer. She ends up working with ex-Navy SEAL sniper Quinn McKade to figure out the madman's identity.

As a woman nearing 40 (can it be?), I really enjoyed the author's writing voice, as she reminded me of all the reasons I love men, particularly military men who earn their confidence the hard way. After spending my twenties and early thirties wishing men were more like women, I have now come to appreciate men for who they are (or based on who my husband is). I especially enjoy the male humor. And--yes, yes, I'll admit it--the six-pack abs on the cover are very nice.

Yes, this is commercial literature, but it's a step up from the usual romantic suspense, in my opinion. And it's "a great romp," as the romance reviewers like to say! Recommended.

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