Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Help Plant a Billion Trees in Brazil

Read this and please consider clicking on my Plant a Billion Trees widget in the right-hand column!

I first became aware of the critical importance of the Brazilian rain forest in the 1980s when Sting traveled around the world with Kayapo chief Raoni. As he explained in his now-out-of-print book Jungle Stories, there may be no more important ecosystem to the survival of our planet. Long before it became hip to care about the environment, Sting used his celebrity for something eminently good. Together with his wife Trudie Styler, Sting formed The Rainforest Foundation and hosts an annual benefit concert in New York City. The next concert--the 15th one--is on May 8, 2008 featuring Billy Joel, James Taylor, Chris Botti, and surprise guests. To support Sting's efforts, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has designated May as "Rainforest Awareness Month."

What I appreciate most about his work was that he braved a LOT of flak in Brazil--with the government and with the people. This was a death-threat-serious kind of crusade he got himself into. I appreciate his perseverence.

But here's the kicker: Thanks to Sting's hard work there is now a demarcated "park" in Brazil the size of Switzerland that is protected from development.

Now the Nature Conservancy, in partnership with the United Nations Environmental Program, has begun a campaign called Plant a Billion Trees. A $1 donation plants a tree in Brazil's Atlantic forest. Corporate partners include Panasonic, Organic Bouquet, and--my personal favorite--Penguin Classics.

I'm going to do my share by setting a goal of 100 trees planted among my network of friends, associates, family, and fellow concerned citizens. I hope you'll consider getting involved too. There are no financial incentives involved for any of us (that is, kickbacks), and remember it's a charitable donation.

Thanks for reading, and let's help plant some trees! Click on the widget to the right or scroll to the bottom for a better view.
Postscripts: Read this article if you want to learn more about how Sting got involved in saving the rain forest. And whether you have a passing interest in environmental issues, want to find the latest "green" products, or are ready to become an activist, check out my friend Diane McDilda's terrific new blog.

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Diane Gow McDilda said...

Mel, this is a great post. Thanks so much for the information. I'll donate a buck and put a link on my site as well.
~Diane, who's very excited to be joining you in bloggerland.