Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quote of the Day

"I didn't realize . . . how much of what big companies say is either flat-out untrue or they literally just don't know."

--Marc Andreessen, who was turned down by East Coast media and telecom companies before he launched Netscape with partner Jim Clark


Lisa R. said...

And now (march 11) that Sarah Lacy has hit book publicity gold with her awful/intriguing interview of Mark Zuckerberg that's all over the Internet, your blog post seems downright prescient.

Melanie Gold said...

As it happens, I was working on her forthcoming book, but who would've guessed she'd end up being the news?

FWIW, even though she didn't pull off a stellar interview for South by Southwest, her book is actually quite good, except for all that "valuation" and numbers stuff that just don't speak to me as a word nerd. When you start talking "$1 billion valuation" my eyes start to roll toward the back of my head...