Friday, February 15, 2008

If You're a Writer, Bookmark These Sites

Here's my Top 5 Web sites. They especially pertain to nonfiction/articles writers, but many of them are relevant to novelists too. They're in no particular order.

1. Wooden Horse Publishing - Besides Writer's Market, this is the only site I use when I want the lowdown on what's happening in magazine publishing. Meg Weaver does an outstanding job, and I love her affordable one-day subscription for her database!

2. Writer's Market - Considered the bible of publishing. It covers publications, books, etc.

3. Publishers Lunch - Sign up for a free daily e-mail of the day's book deals and who made them. A good way to stay on top of trends.

4. Publishers Weekly - The magazine of the book publishing industry. Prohibitively expensive for starving artists, so check out the print edition at your public library.

5. The Writer - For some people, this is the "other" writing magazine, but I usually root for underdogs.

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